VAWA / U and T Visas

Victims of domestic violence and crime may be eligible for permanent residence. I can help you through the process of submitting a petition and obtaining the necessary evidence to achieve legal residence in the United States.

Permanent residence (green card) and citizenship

Before filing a petition for a family member it is vital that you consult with an immigration attorney who can help you determine eligibility and explore different options based on your particular situation. I represent individuals and families seeking permanent residence and naturalization.


Illegal entries, prior deportations and criminal convictions can present serious problems for a person applying for immigration benefits. There are forms of waivers that are available and I can help you determine which waiver applies in your case and what evidence you need to prove extreme hardship.

deportation defense

I represent clients in removal proceedings and can help you find the right defense for your case and fight for you in court.

motions to reopen

If your immigration case was denied or you missed your immigration court hearing and want to have your case reopened, I can prepare a motion to reopen and represent new evidence that may allow you to remain in the United States.


Asylum in the United States is one option for people fleeing persecution and violence and fear returning to their home countries. I handle asylum applications and represent client with immigration court proceedings.

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